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School holiday activity kit by letscraft nz
School holiday activity kit with 10 activities
NZ school holidays activities box by Let's craft NZ

Activity & Toy Box - 10 items

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Want to keep kids active, creative and also calm throughout the holidays? 

This thoughtfully curated 'Big Activity Box' is perfect for school-age children and sure to bring lots of fun, laughter and play-based learning for them.

All activities in this box are gender-neutral, suitable for girls & boys aged 6 - 11 years.

Box contains:

2 x Animal Finger Puppets - Roleplay / Imaginative play

1x Refillable Water Baloon Fish  - Endless water play and use it over and over again.  

1 x Wacky Tracks Set- Imagine & construct amazing shapes and things/spark creative ideas/ can use as a fidget too.

1x  Colour Changing Sticker Pack - Experimenting, DIY 

1x Scentimals 8 page Colouring Book pack - art/colouring activities 

1 x Squeeze and Calm Dino - A Sensory toy

1x Mini On the Go Activity Kit (The activity kit will be chosen randomly) 

1x Unicorn carry on bubble kit with a whistle hat - blow perfect rainbow bubbles / try the whistle too.

1x Starry Starry night kit  -  Imagine a starry night/ decorate the room with glow in the dark stars /planets.


    *Most activities in this box can be shareable with a sibling. 

    * Not for children aged under 3 years due to choking hazards.  

    *Free Shipping New Zealand wide.