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Welcome to Let's Craft!

Hi! I'm Jaymie, I'm the founder and the creator of Let's Craft.

I'm a parent, an avid crafter and I'm always excited to inspire children with my new craft ideas.  So, I've created 'Let's Craft - kids craft kits' to encourage many children to become creative in their own way, have fun and learn something new. 

It all started as a simple craft project which began in the year 2018. After receiving a bunch of positive responses for my craft ideas on Instagram, I couldn't possibly think of doing anything else but keep designing craft projects for kids. As a parent, I understand how helpful it can be for any parent if they had an activity for kids readily available whenever they need. 

Since in a very young age I was obsessed with all kinds of arts & crafts and I would often spend my  leisure time making handmade objects, making jewelry and experimenting on DIY craft ideas. So I bring my childhood inspirations and brand new ideas when making these craft kits. I often focus on creating activities that encourage fine motor skills, spark creative imagination and out of the box thinking in kids.

My mission through Let's Craft is to help many parents and kids to enjoy a creative activity together. It is great to see many children enjoy making crafts and be proud of their creations and their abilities.

'Kids need activities that are interesting and feed  their natural curiosity. I believe exploring new creative ideas is necessary for all kids and it can often teach them some of the most important skills in life such as patience, mindfulness, fine motor skills, problem solving, imagination and creative thinking.'


Thank you for stopping by here. I appreciate your feedback & reviews,  so keep them coming. 

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Happy Crafting!