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Welcome to Let's Craft!

Hi! I'm Jaymie, I'm the founder of Let's Craft - Kids Craft Kits. 

I'm a parent, an avid crafter, a nature explorer and I enjoy making beautiful things out of simple materials. I'm a multi-passionate creative and making art & crafts is something I have enjoyed since my childhood.

Ever since I started Let's Craft, I have created a number of activity boxes to encourage kids to be more creative in their own way and have fun while learning something new. The initial idea for making craft kits started as a result of a simple craft project I began in the year 2018. After receiving a bunch of positive responses for my craft ideas on Instagram, spontaneously led me into designing craft kits for children.

I love to encourage theme-based learning for children as it makes learning so much fun, memorable and easy for all children. Our activity boxes are designed to make things easier for all ages and abilities and allow them to make beautiful and purposeful creations easily. 



It is exciting to be able to help many parents around New Zealand with our prepared activity boxes. We enable them to have prepared activities for kids without the hassle of prepping or shopping for materials. I love the feedback and reviews we are receiving from parents and you can view them on our Instagram page lets_craft_nz 

Thank you for stopping by here. We appreciate your feedback.  For any queries, feel free to contact me via 

 Happy crafting!  Enjoy!