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Transport Theme Riddles For Holidays

Kids need activities that spark their curiosity. If your kids are feeling bored at home or while travelling in the car, why not add some fun riddles to the conversation.

So, I've created these cool Riddles for kids based on our Transportation Theme craft kit this month.



These Riddles are designed to get the mental cogs moving, which can help teach your kids to become deeper thinkers. Of course, that's not to say all riddles for kids are a serious learning experience—some are just plain goofy and fun.

I think it's an amazing opportunity to connect with your kids, encourage them to think, and test their knowledge too.  I hope you and kids both will enjoy solving these riddles this school holidays.


Transport Theme Riddles for kids   (Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the Answers)

I only have two wheels, but I can carry you.
I am usually human-powered, but some of us are now electric too.
I’m thin & lightweight, don’t take much space.
Remember to wear a helmet, just to be safe.

I have a saddle and two paddles either side.
You’ll be called the ‘rider’,
and together we ride.
What am I?

I have a nose, a tail, and a pair of wings.
When I carry people, I put them in different cabins.
I can fly above the clouds and travel long distance.
I also have pilots, crew, and big engines.
What am I?

I am a type of ship that built to sink.
I can dive deep in the ocean in a blink.

I can carry many people, fifty or more,
I can stay underwater secretly, did you know?
I mostly help the Military,
and the scientists to deep sea explore.

I go places where others may not dare,
my only concern is the air.
What am I?

I can go faster than a push-bike,
and I’m not very wide.
I’m something you steered by handlebars,
and sit astride.
I have a small engine but have no roof.
Rider wears a helmet and a pair of gloves & boots.

What am I?

I follow a route but, I’m not the Postman.
I’m always in red colour, in London.

I make frequent stops,
so getting to places can be slow.
I have an upper deck or two storeys,
to give you the best view.

What am I?

I’m a vehicle that you don’t have to drive.
people wait at the station till I arrive.

I’m one of the safest modes of transport,
and I go on the tracks.
Once you get in
sit back and relax.

I travel across the country
or on a scenic route.
I stop only at the stations,
so, you all can safely get in and out.
What am I?

I fly up in the air,
I can hover in the same spot.
I have blades spinning above me
and I’m a special kind of transport.

I sometimes used in an emergency.
I help rescue people who are lost at sea.

I don’t need a runway
or wings to fly.
I’m certainly not an airplane,
I can’t fly that high.
What am I?


If an electric train is traveling south, which way is the smoke going?


What vehicle name spelled the same, both forwards and backwards?         


What happened when the spider got a new car?


Why do bicycles fall over? 


Check Your Answers.

1) Bicycle
2) Airplane / Aeroplane
3) Submarine
4) Motorcycle / Motorbike
(a scooter, moped, mini bike also correct)

5) Double-Decker Bus
6) Train
7) Helicopter
8) No smoke. Electric train doesn’t produce smoke.
9) Racecar (spelled the same both forwards and backwards)
10) He took it for a spin.
11) Because they are two-tyred (too tired).