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Camping theme craft kit for kids
Kids Craft Kit camping theme
prepared art and craft kit for kids, camping theme, sold by Let's craft New Zealand
 kids paper craft camp fire made with match sticks, color tissue paper and card strips
painted wooden 2D figure family with two kids, kids craft activity in the camping craft kit
coloring page activity with coloring pens, modelling clay activity with marshmallows, backpack and a mushroom made of modelling clay
A prepared art & craft activity kit of camping theme for kids which includes all the craft materials and instructions

Camping Theme Craft Kit / November Box

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Outdoor camping is an exciting time for the whole family and a must-do activity with the kids during the school holidays. This camping theme craft box is perfect to keep that excitement going.

This prepared craft kit contains 6 unique arts & craft activities for kids to create an epic camping experience indoors.

  • Make a picnic table using craft sticks 
  • Make 2 x camping tents
  • Make a campfire craft
  • Colour 4 wooden stick people (2D) 
  • Be creative with modelling clay and make some essentials for your camping adventure e.g. backpacks, marshmallows, binoculars 
  • Colour the colouring page and make the story from the picture.

*Choose a Single box or a Sibling box from the variants. 

* Suitable ages 5 - 10+ years. Adult supervision is recommended.