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Craft supplies value pack for kids crafts
Paper craft supplies value pack
Craft supplies
Paper Craft Essentials pack

Paper Craft Essentials pack

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This craft pack includes 7 different materials, a glue stick and a variety of colours to bring your kids craft ideas alive. 

Great for making paper crafts, card making, scrapbooking etc... and stock up your craft cupboard.

  • 5 x A4 bright colours craft paper    (100 gsm) 
  • 5 x A4 pastel colours craft card      (160 gsm) 
  • 5 x A4 bright colours craft card      (160 gsm)
  • 5 x A4 colour craft tissue paper
  • 5 x Colour felt material (pre-cut)
  • 5 x patterned craft paper 
  • 5 x plain colour origami paper 
  • 1 x glue stick